Kahealani brings beauty to the art of resistance

Brooklyn-based artist Kahealani infuses her art with the gorgeousness of her own spirit. There is a delicate care and decisiveness that goes into creating each piece. Her photography asks us to seek beauty in spaces that have largely been categorized as too urban or industrialized to evoke positive emotion. Her paintings beseech us to look inward and then put forth love into the world around us.

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Chubby Diaries: Empowering Plus Size Travelers

Chubby Diaries is conquering the world one flight at a time. Jeff Jenkins founded the site in 2018 as a digital space that provides community to plus size travelers looking to build friendships, discover travel tips, and redefine the world that has been trying to exclude them. From flights, to clothing, to navigating international spaces, Chubby Diaries offers a well-spring of knowledge for novice and experienced travelers.

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Interview with Candace Smith, founder of The Suchy Much

Interview by DW McKinney

Several years ago, as I wandered a building’s labyrinthine hallways in search of my gym class, I stumbled on a woman in an empty room. She danced in front of a mirrored wall with precise and graceful movements. She exuded power that halted me at the door, knocked me on the nose, and announced, “You are witnessing something wonderful.” The woman stopped when she noticed me gawking at her from the doorway.

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How Eric Martin is Sparking an Abolitionist Revival

Interview by DW McKinney

Eric Martin first captivated my attention four years ago during a youth leader orientation. What I quickly noticed about Eric–besides his undying love for Australia–is that his heart is always geared toward helping people. He is unfaltering when lending a hand or an encouraging word.

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An Understated Fierceness: Annie Kim Hedrick

Interview by DW McKinney

Annie Kim Hedrick emerges from the velvet twilight draped across the low sky of Bastrop, Texas. Determination creases her normally smooth face. She strides unobstructed through a crowd that is scrambling around the rain-soaked campground as thunder rumbles in the distance.

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