Articles & Interviews

Featured in: Romper, The Rumpus, Desert Companion, Bitch Media, Los Angeles Review of Books, Narratively, Elite Daily, and Sisters from AARP, among others.

An image from Ajuan Mance's book Living While Black. It features a young Black boy drawn in tan hues standing staring ahead. The background is green.

Interview for Mutha Magazine

*image from Living While Black by Ajuan Mance

A black-and-white image of a Black woman wearing a Wonder Woman shirt. The shirt is pulled up to expose her pregnant stomach. Her hands are placed, fingers posed in the shape of a heart, over her belly button.

Essay for Mutha Magazine

An illustration of the Las Vegas Strip. The mountains are blue in the background and the sky is a bright yellow-gold.

Essay for Fifth Street, the Desert Companion‘s newsletter (Nevada Public Radio)

An image from ancco's graphic novel Bad Friends. A young Korean girl with black hair cut in a bob looks down to the right. Her arms are bare.

Article for Los Angeles Review of Books

An illustration of a bed and serving tray with hot food on it. The drawing is rendered in hot reds, oranges, and golden yellows.

Article for Sisters from AARP

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