Literary Essays

Confessions of a Millionaire’s Personal Assistant
[forthcoming in Narratively — Summer 2019]

A Portrait of Madness
[Linden Avenue Literary Journal — No. 79, June 1 2019]

Night Owl
[Sidereal Magazine — issue 5, May 15, 2019]

peril + power
[honey & lime literary magazine, audio issue 1, Feb. 19, 2019]

Bitter Grief
[The Hellebore — issue 1, Dec. 31, 2018]

In All, There I Am
[Stoneboat Literary Journal —in print Spring 2018, issue 8.2]

A Fractured Mind
[TAYO Literary Magazine — issue 7, Jan. 31, 2018]

How I Am
[Cagibi — issue 1, Jan. 15, 2018]

[Mother Always Write — Jan. 05, 2018]

[Mothers Always Write —Oct. 23, 2017]

Another Black Man is Dead
[Sammiches & Psych Meds Oct. 6, 2016]

Personal Essays

Bear Hugs
[forthcoming in Road Grays — Fall 2019]

I love being a mom—but motherhood is not all I should talk about with friends, coworkers, or my own family
[HelloGiggles — June 6, 2019]

My Sexual Assault Still Affects My Marriage, Even Though It Happened 13 Years Ago
[Elite Daily Apr. 01, 2019]

Kendra Young on Buffy the Vampire Slayer showed me Black girls could be heroes, too
[HelloGiggles Mar. 18, 2019]

Teaching my biracial daughters that all hair is good hair is an act of self-love
[HelloGiggles Feb. 08, 2019]

Embracing My (Postpartum) Body.
[On Our Moon Feb. 03, 2019]

Being in public without fear of harassment is my right, but not my reality
[HelloGiggles Jan. 25, 2019]

Mothers Aren’t Allowed To Be Angry
[On Our Moon Jan. 13, 2019]

How ‘Addams Family Values’ taught me the racist Thanksgiving history I never learned in school
[HelloGiggles Nov. 20, 2018]

‘The Craft’ was the root of my preteen empowerment
[HelloGiggles Oct. 23, 2018]

The Color(ism) Divide in Motherhood
[On Our Moon Sept. 23, 2018]

Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka demonstrate the struggle of Black excellence and Black womanhood
[HelloGiggles Sept. 10, 2018]

As a black woman, I have to confront misogyny and racial inequality in childbirth
[HelloGiggles July 04, 2018]

When I go shopping as a Black Woman
[HelloGiggles Apr. 23, 2018]

As a Black woman and mother, the Austin bombings challenged my mental health as much as my safety
[HelloGiggles Mar. 28, 2018]