Interview with Candace Smith, founder of The Suchy Much

Interview by DW McKinney

Several years ago, as I wandered a building’s labyrinthine hallways in search of my gym class, I stumbled on a woman in an empty room. She danced in front of a mirrored wall with precise and graceful movements. She exuded power that halted me at the door, knocked me on the nose, and announced, “You are witnessing something wonderful.” The woman stopped when she noticed me gawking at her from the doorway.

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A woman from Haiti braided my hair the other day. Her strong cocoa brown fingers locked my hairs together in a tight embrace, while she hummed and sang. I closed my eyes and wondered about far off spaces, places beautiful and lit by the sun. Then she crocheted in caramel-colored twists, luxurious ropes trailing down my face.

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