Literary Nonfiction

Featured in: The Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Shenandoah, Hippocampus Magazine, HAD/Hobart, The McNeese Review, jmww journal, among others.

select literary publications

peril + power » forthcoming in the anthology Nonwhite and Woman (Woodhall Press, September 2022)

Notes on a Holler in Tennessee » The Dodge (formerly Artful Dodge) » 2022

The Flood » The McNeese Review, Spring 2022, print

A Brief History of an Obsession » Pidgeonholes, 2022

An Elegy for the Land » Headland Journal, 2021

In Bloom: An Abecedarian Reflection » JMWW Journal, 2021

Returning to the Earth » Full Bleed, 2021

Fixed » Nurture: A Literary Journal, 2021

In the Summer,… » HAD (a Hobart companion journal), 2021

A Black Mama’s Breathwork, or, the First Time I Had “The Talk” with My Daughter » JMWW Journal, 2020

award-winning work

I’ll Be Seeing You: A Black Woman Travels in 2017 » Hippocampus Magazine, 2020
*Finalist in 2020 Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction Writers

In the Drink » Boston Accent Lit, 2019
*First Prize, Boston Accent Lit’s 2019 ‘Wicked Short’ Nonfiction Contest

Bitter Grief » The Hellebore, 2018
*2018 Hellebore Scholarship Award Creative Nonfiction Honoree

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