Articles & Interviews

Featured in: Romper, The Rumpus, Desert Companion, Bitch Media, Los Angeles Review of Books, Narratively, Elite Daily, and Sisters from AARP, among others.

A black-and-white image of a Black woman wearing a Wonder Woman shirt. The shirt is pulled up to expose her pregnant stomach. Her hands are placed, fingers posed in the shape of a heart, over her belly button.

Essay for Mutha Magazine

An illustration of the Las Vegas Strip. The mountains are blue in the background and the sky is a bright yellow-gold.

Essay for Fifth Street, the Desert Companion‘s newsletter (Nevada Public Radio)

An image from ancco's graphic novel Bad Friends. A young Korean girl with black hair cut in a bob looks down to the right. Her arms are bare.

Article for Los Angeles Review of Books

An illustration of a bed and serving tray with hot food on it. The drawing is rendered in hot reds, oranges, and golden yellows.

Article for Sisters from AARP

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