For confused folk who think appropriation is wokeness / when knowing the rainbow is not enuf

We are in orbit of each other, you n I rotatin, edges of atmospheres kissin in near collision.

Black presence ignited, unearths in you desire, bein lovers. Friendship misguided

In February praises. Appropriated gazes in claims your assets are mine. Lyrical blackness

Sang in your adolescence, those niggas on your tongue don’t belong. To you, black girl,

Magic Negro you can hold onto, name dropped n misspelled. A dusty thing,

Im not just the dashiki n du-rag, you recite histories for. Unioned allegiance

“Black lives matter” ’til we crowd consciences n consciousness. Where you at?

Read the letters on the pages of your awakening. Stay sleepin

We woke, cause we livin. We still black, we still brown, we still

Marchin. We still overcomin. You still tremblin at the sight

That one there smilin’ on down the road. We wear scarlet

Letters branded in our skin n hanging ’round our throats. Numbered

In name, by death, just another one Rolodexed n shelved. You still readin n tryin

n – How’s that shuckin n jivin? We are out of reach. Shani!

That’s Swahili for you see what you want when you want to be

Us? Then now ‘n forevermore, we marvelous.

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