You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.

– 2002 Black History Month theme for the African Student Coalition, Monte Vista High School, when I was Vice President

My history is old as time, creeping through universes dotted with bright stars, comets streaking the night sky

Blood of my blood

We’ve crossed oceans in chains, our lovers dying at our feet

God take me! Cries echoing in the dark, deep

Blood of my blood

Our history is a stained ragged thing more precious than fine wine

Our crowns made of gold and chaff stand the test of time

Blood of my blood

I am the sharecropper, preacher, gang banger, housewife, farmer, baker, businessman, and child bride.

I am the mother, deacon, saleswoman, father, thief, singer, bus and train driver.

I am the tap dancer, maid, counselor, and soldier bearing the flag.

Blood of my blood

You are my history



And forever.

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