Young, Gifted, and Black

I feel privileged (oh the luxury of that) to know Greg. We first met in July 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Dra. Lea Geler’s book signing and reading for Andares negros, caminos blancos. The founder and president of el Instituto Argentino para la Igualdad, Diversidad, e Integración (IARPIDI), Nengumbi Celestin Sukama, introduced us but Greg gave a quick “hey” tossed me his number and kept moving. I was taken aback but knowing him now, I know that Greg was motivated and determined to make moves (read: network) as much as possible in that moment.

We met at Café La Opera at few days later so that I could interview him for my research on black identity in Argentina. As soon as he walked in the room, I (and every other person in the room. I will never forget that) was stunned by not only his handsomeness, but the beauty, power, and confidence radiating from within him.  We sat down for HOURS and talked about the world and all that was in it. I knew then he was a kindred spirit. From there, here we are.

“…NOW is the time to be our true selves, our dream selves.  NOW is the time to make our voices heard and to be our most awe-inspiring, excellent selves.  In whatever way that takes shape.  Even if we have to be a little messy on the way there.  NOW is the time to engineer our success.  NOW is the time….Simply put, I believe that if we fully see how amazing we are, we can literally do anything.  We have not even scratched the surface of what we are capable of.  I think this song speaks to that.”

-Greg Osei

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