DW McKinney

interviewer and writer

DW McKinney is a Black American writer and editor. A 2023 Periplus Fellow, her writing is featured in Ecotone, Romper, Los Angeles Review of Books, and Narratively. She serves as a nonfiction editor for Shenandoah and comics reviewer for Publishers Weekly.

featured publications

Creative nonfiction for Ecotone

March 4, 2023
*Image from Ecotone issue 33

Cover image from TriQuarterly issue 163. It is a scene still from a short poetry performance titled "Ironing Pillowcases" by Ariana Francesca. The cinematographer is Michael Redd and the director is A. Martin. The image features a person with dark brown skin ironing pillowcases.

Creative nonfiction for TriQuarterly

January 15, 2023
*Image from “Ironing Pillowcases

Personal essay for Romper
Sept. 29, 2022